Each of the Blum Jewish Education Project guides uses object-based learning that supports the three pillars of the project:

The history of Jews in Buffalo


The architecture of Temple Beth Zion

The curriculum challenges students to think critically and use inquiry-based learning skills, and also encourages students to exercise their imagination and share perspectives.


History of Jews in


From the arrival of Jews in Buffalo in the late 1830’s to current time, Jewish immigrants and their descendants have played essential roles in the city’s development within various industries, businesses, education and philanthropy.

The Jewish community of Buffalo holds a vibrant and storied history, that has contributed significantly to both the city's cultural fabric and economic development.

Today, the Jewish community in Greater Buffalo continues to thrive, fostering a strong sense of unity, identity and heritage.



Judaism is an ancient world religion, that evolved in the Ancient Near East and spread out across all seven continents with the evolution of diverse practices and beliefs.

The Torah and the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) contains the central tenets of Judaism. Holidays and Festivals fill the Jewish calendar year with celebrations and rituals.

With a strong emphasis on identity, Judaism fosters a sense of community and a commitment to justice and charity.


Architecture of Temple

Beth Zion

Max Abramovitz designed Temple Beth Zion as an outward leaning structure to represent arms raised in prayer. Two stained-glass windows anchor the Sanctuary building and provide focal points. The feelings of space and light are enhanced by windows designed by Ben Shahn which fill each end of the Sanctuary space.

Ben Shahn also designed a free-standing menorah and the Ten Commandments tablets that rise from the platform (bimah). One of the stained-glass windows depicts the text of Psalm 150, while the other represents The Book of Job.

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